Circles of Light – practices and why we do them

Conscious breathing is when we take the time to focus our attention on the breath. It should be a daily practice, if not two or three times a day, especially before sleeping to ensure a restful sleep, though I find the most critical time is right in the middle of the day.

This is when we take our bodies from the parasympathetic nervous system (fight and flight) to the sympathetic system, where our cortisol levels drop, our progesterone levels increase and our adrenals take a much-needed break. 

Yoga Nidra, is a proven method whereby we take our bodies into sympathetic mode by focusing our attention on different parts of the body at a time: toes, ear-lobes, eye-lids, calf muscles, etc. This is especially valuable for getting into sleep at night after switching off from screens and other triggering interactions. 

Meditation begins with stillness brought through guided visualisation, taking us to simply ‘be’, to be still and quiet and to allow our inner voice to speak to our mind. It helps us recognise and distinguish between the voice that is our own and the voice that is not: the one of criticism and condemnation. Sometimes through guided visualisation we can step beyond the realm of our own world  and journey into other realms, meet our spirit guides, tap into our creative power and simply feel less alone in all the stress of our existence. 

Green-bathing and connecting with nature is so very good for us.

It helps us to make our lives sacred, to see the beauty around us and to savour moments and seek happiness within. It reminds us that like the grass and the trees, we too are able to regrow, expand and flourish, provided we give ourselves the time and space to do this. Mother Earth is our home, and yet at the same time we are also beings of light, with energy bodies and spirits that go beyond the realms of the physical.

In Circles of Light, we will explore other sacred practices, such as writing out intentions or fears and ‘giving’ them to the elements of water, air, fire or earth. We will make mandalas, draw from the guidance (not prophecy) of the tarot and embrace the healing power of correspondences such as colour, numbers and crystals. There may be sound therapy using the crystal and Tibetan bowls, chimes and drums. There may even be reiki, given, of course, with permission.

We will slowly, week by week, find a way to feel that we are able to control our own lives, that we can choose to live each day in a state of happiness, joy, hope and self-love.

Helen Gillan

Circles of Light offers teenagers a place away from adults, away from social media, plugged in only to the earth and their very own hearts, with the intention to give them the power to self-regulate, to act with calm and with true guidance from Spirit to whom they have learned to listen in the quiet of their own mind.