Guiding Young Adolescents to a more relaxed state of Mind

by giving them tools to self-regulate when they feel overwhelmed, strategies to support sleep and emotional overload, and creating a ‘safe space’ where they can come and relax knowing that they are understood and supported.

Each session consists of:

A welcome chat and introduction where I explain the theme and practices we will use.


Easy yoga movements to loosen joints and muscles and help the body to relax.


To improve oxygen absorption in the body and to release the tension in the mind.


Guided meditation using visualisation and the breath to journey into the self and our consciousness.

The practice is gentle and supportive and will be carefully structured to suit adolescents.


Botanic Gardens

Tuesday evenings 6.30-8.30pm

Venue: the circles will take place in the Botanic Gardens at the lawn opposite the Nassim Gate. This allows them to be dropped off right at their destination so they don’t need to walk through the gardens in the dark. Being outside, under the moon and connecting with the trees and the earth is all part of the soothing nature of the practice. If it rains I will contact you 1 hour before hand with instructions or rescheduling information.

Hi, I am Helen Gillan

I am an ex-teacher of English and Head of Year at a major international school. During my 15 year teaching career, I was acutely aware of the immense pressure on adolescents: academic, social and family.

"Helen is a very patient and understanding coach. She has created a safe space for sharing and really takes the time to listen to any concerns or fears. I would recommend her meditation circles to anyone who wants to be equipped with the tools to deal with emotions better, and have a healthier relationship with themselves. I truly feel relaxed and refreshed after every session."


Helen’s Circles of Light is an experience like no other. Helen brings together awareness to the body, mind and soul. All of this in an incredible space surrounded by nature, moon and candle lights, the warmth of her heavenly cocoa drink - though not as warm as her voice, which is truly out of this world. I thoroughly enjoy - and look forward to!- Helen’s Circles of Light as one of my most wholesome and nourishing times.


“I highly recommend trying out circles of light even if you feel meditation is not your cup of tea. I was never the type who could sit still but when I joined Helen’s session last week, I found myself feeling instantly at ease and calm and I woke up the next day energised and feeling very positive (something I was surprised to feel given a tough week).”